Dwan is a certified personal trainer through the National Conditioning and Strength Association. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, majoring in exercise science for health professions and minoring in human nutrition. In Houston, Dwan trained clients with a variety of goals, from losing weight and increasing strength to improving balance and rehabilitating injuries.

Dwan’s commitment to fitness began after graduating from high school, when he spent his free time weightlifting and biking. Over his six-year military career, Dwan led winning teams in multiple company-wide physical training (PT) evaluations and personally achieved the highest standards in Army PT tests. His passion for achieving fitness excellence in the military motivated him to start training others. Dwan has competed in weight-lifting challenges, placed in climbing competitions, and trained in hand-to-hand combat. When he’s not lifting weights, he enjoys hiking, watching sports and movies, bouldering, and biking.

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“I advocate for a holistic approach to weight loss and muscle gain, which includes the right balance of strength training, healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise. I consider individual needs and limitations when customizing training plans and develop innovative exercises to help clients achieve their goals.”

Dwan Kelly

Email Dwan at dwankelly@ymail.com or call him at (281) 245-5476 today!