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Frequently Asked Questions

Why might Certified Sports Massage be the right choice for me?
Unlike "traditional" Swedish massage that you may experience at a spa or retreat, Certified Sports Massage incorporates many different modalities and techniques that allow the practitioner to focus on and manipulate the specific areas that caused your initial limitations while increasing range of motion, reversing chronic conditions, and helping your body return to it's natural, pain-free state while simultaneously allowing you to return to your job, sports, activities.

What should I expect when I arrive?

The question most people ask is "what should I wear?", but at Fully Integrated Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy, our focus is YOUR comfort.  With that being said, 85-95% of our patients prefer to stay dressed for the first session.  Via extensive training, our therapists have developed effective techniques to work through what ever type of clothing you wear while still providing optimal treatment.

If you're more comfortable disrobing, we still practice board regulated draping techniques to ensure any and all sensitive areas are never exposed allowing you to feel completely relaxed and achieve optimal effect from the treatment you're receiving. 

What does the Initial One or Two Hour Session entail?

First off, know that this one or two hours DOES NOT include your time for paperwork.  Our reasoning for that is, you're not paying to fill out forms.  Nor are you paying for chit chat or evaluations.  You've come to us for bodywork and potential treatment for chronic pains, nagging injuries, or general relaxation.  With that being said, your actual time doesn't begin until you are on the table and the therapist begins your treatment.  This is the same rule we apply to all of our sessions so that you're getting the absolute most out of what you're paying for.

What if I'm running late or can't make my session?

The best option is to always call us and let us know as soon as you're aware that you'll either be late or cannot make your scheduled session. Though we try to provide enough time for your session in the case you're running a little behind, we will still have to charge you for the entire session.  If you're needing to cancel, we would ask that you try to give us as much notice as possible, preferably 24 hours, but we do understand that emergencies can arise. 

Please note: In the event of a No Call/No Show, we will be forced to charge/invoice you for the missed session and you may be asked to prepay any future sessions.

What if my therapist is forced to cancel less than 24 hours prior to my session?

While we try to avoid this practice, sometimes emergencies to come up.  With that in mind, should your therapist need to cancel your session, we will do our best to accommodate you by finding a different time that will work better with your schedule, or, if no time is available and your session was prepaid, we will offer you a complete and total refund.

I've never had a massage before, what's considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior?

Our goal for your treatment is complete and total comfort.  With that being said, should you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform your therapist IMMEDIATELY!  Below is a list of what is considered unacceptable behavior for both you as the patient and your therapist.

  • Any and all touch or conversation of a sexual nature
  • Any speech that is meant to demean, degrade, or otherwise cause discomfort or is of a negative/unprofessional nature 
  • Any and all exposure of "danger" areas including, but not limited to the groin, gluteal cleft (crease of the buttocks), and female breasts*.

*Please understand that in some cases it may be necessary to work near (but NEVER EXPOSE) the above mentioned areas, but any and all treatment will be done with the utmost professionalism and constant communication between you, as the patient, and your therapist.  With that being said, if it feels "wrong" then it is and ask that you inform your therapist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND THE SESSION WILL IMMEDIATELY END! 

If the therapist feels as though these boundaries have been crossed by the patient, it is at the therapist's discretion to immediately terminate the session and the patient will be charged for the entirety of the session.

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