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September 13, 2016
Amy S.: "Thank you FIRST Corallis! Through 10 months and three wrong doctor's diagnosis of my injured wrist and shoulder, your team stuck with me and fixed what the "professional" medical community could not! It feels nice not to feel disabled again and have two working arms. Thank you Jacob and James! Jacob you have incredible perseverance and dedication in searching for the answers! No meds and no surgery thanks to First! Thank you guys!"

April 2, 2016
Kim Knudsen: "James Alexzander at FIRST has made such an incredible improvement in my family's quality of life! I started seeing James years ago and he gave the most relaxing massages I'd ever had and really helped make me more comfortable even very late in my pregnancy. He specializes in more healing and restorative therapeutic work now...though he can still give and insanely relaxing massage! He was able to fix my dad's 2nd frozen shoulder so he didn't have to have surgery (he'd had surgery on his first frozen shoulder a couple years before and didn't want to have to do that again). He's helped my husband too, but my mom was the biggest change. She had seen an acupuncturist and an osteopath for over 20 years and got so bad that she couldn't walk more than 1 block without stopping because of numbing and tingling in her legs and feet. Within about 18 months of seeing James she made such a dramatic improvement that she was able to take a 6 mile hike one day and a 7 mile hike the next day! That's something she wouldn't have even considered as a remote possibility before she began with James!

Basically, James is the best and I have given many gift certificates for his services to my clients!"

April 11, 2014
Jerry O'Riordan: "On January 4, 2014 I fell 10 feet when the staging on a house I was working on collapsed. I was taken to a hospital on a body board and x-rayed for a broken back. I was lucky not to have broken my back or neck, but I severely damaged the muscles tissue from my knees to my neck. I was sent to a large institutional physical therapy center for rehab. After 3 weeks of PT consisting of light back massage and ice on my knee, I was not getting better. At this point I sought out James Alexzander at F.I.R.S.T. After one session I was better than the previous 3 weeks of physical therapy. My treatments at F.I.R.S.T. consisted of 2 visits a week for 2 and a half months. Our goal was to get better than I was before the accident, get bak to construction work, and return to the activities I enjoy. A doctor told me, due to my age (59 years old), I can expect to live with, and continue to experience future pain due to my injury. Both James and I disagreed with that comment. We have been proving him wrong. I am PROFOUNDLY thankful to James for his skill and commitment to my healing. I would recommend him to anyone who has suffered an injury and is looking for true healing! Thank you James!"

September 22nd, 2013
Anonymous: "James is great for understanding how I work as an athlete and strain muscles. He not only was able to work out that specific tightness but helped show me stretches and ways to avoid it in the future. His sports training really showed in his work and understanding beyond other LMTs I have seen in the past."

July 16th, 2013
Nicole P.: "My shoulder has put me in serious pain and prevented me from engaging in activities that I love. I've seen James a couple of times now and it's been super helpful! I will definitely go back for more :)"

December 21st, 2012

Carol S.: "I've had several massages with James. Every one was so helpful and relaxing! I always get my questions answered on body issues and how I can stay healthy. The new office location is easy to get to, quiet, and inviting. Thanks James!"